The oceanic world – how much do you know about it?

By Björn Carstens
What makes the battle against microplastics so difficult? What’s the average age of the freighters navigating the world’s seas? What can private citizens use to produce drinking water? Delve into the oceanic world and test your knowledge in our tech quiz.
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Water covers around 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. More than 96 percent of that is seawater. In total, that amounts to 1,386 quintillion liters (366 quintillion gallons) equating to roughly 7,920 trillion filled bathtubs (175 l/46 gals). While the seas are the subject of sagas and legends galore, it’s a fact that oceanic power can be put to good use with the help of innovative technologies: as an energy source, to produce drinking water, as a means of transportation, and so on. Since 2009 World Ocean Day is celebrated on June 8th. It aims to increase awareness of the importance and need to protect the seas. “tomorrow” regularly delves into the wet world. How much do you know about it?