Vehicles with wow effect – how well do you know?

By Björn Carstens
What world record was set by an XXL mega combine harvester? Which oversized robot is on the road in Helsinki? And what ingenious mobility innovation did Duckburg’s master tinkerer Gyro Gearloose come up with? Do you have experience with spectacular vehicles? Then test your knowledge!

Whimsical, curious, crazy and sometimes just monster-sized. With an unbelievable total weight of 260,000 tons, the floating factory “Prelude FLNG”, which can extract, liquefy and store natural gas on a mobile basis, weighs 26 times more than the steel giant Eiffel Tower. A marvel of engineering. In recent years, tomorrow has repeatedly unveiled vehicles that are not quite as heavy but no less spectacular. High-tech machines that deliver unimaginable performance on land, at sea and in the air. Have you ever heard of autonomous, emission-free container freighters, for example? Is there really such a thing? No, is there? Test your knowledge!