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With the power of the wind
Over the course of millennia, the wind has been working for humans: It grinds grain or pumps water. It propels ships across the sea or balloons and gliders to awesome altitudes. In the future, the wind will become an increasingly powerful ally in the battle against climate change – thanks to constant technological innovation.
With the power of the wind
Credits Speaker Film/Sound Music „Big easy“ written by Bente Faust Duration 5:04 (~ 119MB)
The author
Freelance science journalist Daniel Hautmann has dedicated a whole book to the wind: “Windkraft neu gedacht – erstaunliche Beispiele für die Nutzung einer unerschöpflichen Ressource” (“Rethinking wind power – amazing examples of using an inexhaustible resource”) deals not just with wind power systems that generate electricity but also with many other ideas that show how humanity can harness the power of the wind – without polluting the atmosphere with harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
Photo/Video credits iStock (5), Pixabay (6), manufacturers (8), Schaeffler, Unsplash (2)
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